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Kind Words

"I thoroughly enjoy your classes. You are a marvelous teacher!"

KG, Tucson, 2003.

"The (EFT) seminar was great for me... Much of it I had already learned, but the new stuff was well worth the time and money. I have already incorporated it into my practice with great benefit for my clients and for myself as well."

"Thanks for the fabulous seminar."

JS, Seattle

"I got exactly what I came for --- the (EFT) seminar was what was promised, and more. I appreciated the way you conducted the class ---- very clear and concise explanations, great structure and keeping to schedule, good practice time, etc. Thank you for all you shared ..."

A.R., Manhattan

"You are a Master... Thank you!"

RR, 5-19-2013.

"Your workshop was an excellent service to our group: compact and intellectually clear, chockfull of information but not overdoing it; enthusiastic without being proselytizing; flexible and respectful in dealing with questions; aware of time limits, helpful and observant during the exercises... Please accept my admiration and picture in your mind the standing ovation we should have given you!"

RR, Amsterdam

"I can do things now I just couldn't do before!"

HK, Tucson, 2003.

"I very much believe in John's work. It has helped me with a strong emotional issue, and I believe it is to everyone's advantage to participate in the seminars he is teaching..."

SS, Tucson.

"We found our one meeting with you very powerful. It was like doing an advanced course! ... My husband (who previously had panic attacks and chronic anxiety) has slept, eaten normally and had no cold sweats since (our session with you.) That truly is amazing! The power of the mind, spirit and soul... Thank you deeply for your guidance, John."


"John, I can't thank you enough for the excellent work you do... I feel 6000% better! All the anger and the other horrid emotions are totally gone... I feel quite peaceful."


"John Freedom is a superb teacher... I learned so much from this seminar..."

IP, Seattle

"Your teaching methodology is excellent, as was the (EFT) workshop overall..."

HF, Seattle.

"Thank you for the fantastic seminar... it was so powerful for me ... I felt the shifts immediately, and I could feel things leaving my body... I felt so incredibly energized afterwards that I called my mother and told her!... I like how you get right to the core of issues... Thank you so much."

CC, Mesa.

"I think you did a superb job bringing this wonderful, practical tool to our attention. With this simple technique which you explained and demonstrated so well, we are able to handle a lot of the minor and major upsets that block us from our goals... Your manner of presentation, style, and delivery were excellent. In fact, what I liked most about the seminar was you! Your generosity in giving out information and your kindness with people as they asked questions were especially appreciated..."

TL, Montrose, CO.

"I learned so much in your Thursday night classes. thank you so much for extending the classes beyond the original length of the course..."

BB, Tucson.

"On a scale of 1 (poor) - 5 (excellent), this seminar (EFT Level One) was a 20!!!"

B.R., Seattle.


I hope that you're not bored with success letters because this is yet another one to add to your files.

As you know, I took the beginning EFT course with you on Saturday 10 February. On Sunday 11 February, I began to make tapping a part of my life with four sessions a day, one upon arising, one in late morning, one in mid afternoon, and one in early evening.

A week has now passed, and I have enjoyed great success. I am certain that I will be doing the EFT program every day for the rest of my life.

My de-sensitization experience has been remarkable. I'd seen demonstrations of de-sensitization, but I'd never actually experienced it until the training session a week ago, and I would never have believed in the possibility of the mind's desensitizing itself to bad memories. But that's exactly what's happening to me.

Bad memories (things I've felt fearful about or angry about or guilty about) have lost their impact. I can still see the events in my mind, but they are now distant and no longer painful. By 'distant', I do mean a perceptual distance. Remembering something unpleasant is something like watching a small screen TV from across the room.

Something funny: For years now, I've turned down the sound whenever George W. Bush's image appears on a news telecast because I haven't been able to stand the sound of his braying voice. But last night for the first time, I could actually tolerate listening to him speak.

I had to ask myself how I felt about George W. Bush, and my answer was 'detached'. The thought of George W. Bush no longer carries any emotional charge at all.

What's nice: not only is my mind healing itself, but I know for certain that I will always have the power to make my mind wholesome.

So, anyhow, thank you once again.

RG, Green Valley.

Dear John,

I thought the work that you did with me today was brilliant...

MK, San Francisco, 2008.

Dear John,

I was just about to write you when I found your emails.

Yes, the seminar met my needs. I liked everything about the seminar ... only wish that I had more time to tap with you. You/we did a great job uncovering my "horrible" life, which, by the way I have been tapping on this morning and weeping all the time... and forgiving myself. Have it down to a 3 and will tap later. You are right about the multitude of layers... You are a great presenter and I have been telling all my friends about you and EFT!

Room comfort was great... participants were just the right mix... My needs were certainly met... esp. with your gracious generosity.

Thank you again for your ability to express the effectiveness of EFT, and how to use it and your devotion to clearing yourself and to help others learn how to clear themselves.

Many Blessings to you,

AM, after Level EFT Level 2 - 3/30/2008

Hi John, Thank you for the wonderful class. It exceeded all expectations. It was so good to see you and everyone again. If you teach the class again in Tucson again please let me know I would like to review. Like I said, it is always an honor to walk with a master. Thank you so very much.

GF, 2008

Hi John, You really gave us a good foundation with the three days of training. Repetition and example are the most important parts of teaching a technique like this, and you did all kinds of examples by using the basic formula to treat all different kinds of things coming up with the participants along the way. That is a really good way to teach this technique, and we had a wonderful group of wholesome people there taking the training who I felt very close to. Thank you for a delightful and clear training session. I fully expect that this will totally change my life for the better.


DM, June 2008

Thank you John. I am tapping everyday and it is working... I do feel lighter, more energized and free. My grief over the ending of my last relationship is nearly gone... literally. The test will be when I am in her presence again. But the emotional charge around her and our ending is not there!

KM, 2009

Thank you for your call this morning and checking in. I so truly appreciate the follow-up and care. I do believe in EFT and do believe that I will benefit from tapping not only for the grief but for much more of life's journey. I know the depth I went to at the training was cathartic ... a letting go of a bit of the many layers of the grief I am traveling within and now through, Thanks for the education, direction and support. I look forward to experiencing the benefits if EFT and most likely will be back for more learning.

Thanks much, John!!!

RD, 1-29-2009

Now I had time to think about the class and give a proper rating:)

Actually you are a wonderful teacher! A natural so it seems. I see that everyone takes you serious as well the class loved your humor... you have a natural rapport with everyone!

I heard many people on break and lunch say many positive things about you. They seemed to love your natural ability to teach. Again your humor was contagious:)

Thank You for allowing me to attend and be with all these wonderful healers.

I truly appreciate it... I hope your class in Santa Fe is wonderful as well and if you ever need an assistant, just ask and If I am available I would love to assist.

TK 1-29-2009

Hi John,

I have been tapping on everything I can think of, including my sister's OCD dog.

I've tried some surrogate tapping after reading an article from the emo website about arguing neighbors. The results have been amazing and drastic. I'll be working with a friend this week who has made litttle progress grieving her siblings' suicides. And I have been tapping past traumatic situations of my own. I'm connecting dots I had never seen before. Thank you for introducing this to me. best wishes,

JR 1/24/2009

The surrogate tapping seemed to work well on my sister's dogs. They responded better to surrogate tapping than to tapping on them directly. I also tried doing some surrogate tapping when a friend went into her doctor's appt. Her surgeon has always had an atrocious bedside manner, and makes her feel incompetent about herself. So I tapped during her appt for the seeming power struggle and the need to be right. She called afterwards to say how smoothly the appt went. Her doctor listened to all of her symptoms & complaints without once interrupting her!

Thanks again!

JR 2/06/2009

I wanted you to know that I use EFT a lot. I got a new client that had back pain. As I checked her muscular tenseness and skeletal alignment, I could find nothing physically that could cause her pain. So I suggested an emotional link to this pain. She was game. With kinesiology, we found that it had to do with something when she was 17, with a father figure. As we talked and tested, it was discovered that she had a very abusive father in law at 17 years old, along with a husband who was unkind. She has a daughter from that marriage who was getting married. around the same time this back pain started. The father refused to come to the marraige and it stirred the bad feelings and the pain of rejection. We tapped on that and her back pain went away to not return. Another woman I saw was having blood sugar problems and kidney pain. As we explored the cause through kinesiology, she was angry. As soon as I suggested the anger, she knew it was her dad she was mad at. She had been molested from the time she could remember until she was dating as a teenager. This took 3 sessions of EFT to work through. While we both know that it may rear its head again, she has no blood sugar problems or kidney pain, and feels peace for the first time in years. She's in her late 50's. Wow, what a powerful tool. Thanks for all you do John to bring this to our world. Thanks for your continued communication with success stories.


LM 2-18-2009


I have been been doing the EFT protocol and it seems as if my golf and pool shooting has improved tremendously. Could this be even though I did not target these activities directly?

I feel more relaxed and I don't over-think when I'm taking my shots. It's more fun playing now.

DC, 2-25-2009


I just wanted you to know that I had a better shoot than I thought. I used EFT for all the steps of my shooting as well as the issue of taking my time-which was very helpful. I had to at first shut out of my mind that I was being timed. I did not know this shoot was going to have the time issue... but I tapped after the first round and I became very centered, my focus was strong. Only once an arrow strayed. I mentally did a round of tapping and finished the end right on target. I finished strong to the last arrow and had to wait to see how I did. Last night the results were on the internet. I was so excited because I was in the first place slot... not only that, I set a new STATE RECORD. Excited and surprised. I continue to use EFT every time I shoot any kind of competition and have shared it with other archers who have loved it. Oh yes I do practice a lot. But I tell you, when an arrow strays I have the skills to re-center and stay focused... also the end of a grueling tournament when you get tired and your mind is wanting it to all be over it really helps to have EFT to help stay with it all.

TC, 2-26-2009

New Mexico State Archery Champion

I meant to write you back right away but got tied up with so many other details in my life that I just couldn't find the time. I'm doing extremely well. There's a knowing in my heart that my happiness can't come from beautiful women or from anything outside of me. I seem to have really "blown" that belief and I have found much more peace inside myself. As a result, I feel much more love and much closer to my wife. My relationship with her feels so different for me now. I'm experiencing intimacy really, for the very first time. I enjoy being close to her and I don't feel threatened or scared. She has even noticed a difference. We have far more "intimate" moments now.

As for internet porn, for years and years my addiction consisted of just about every day, sometimes twice a day and I would spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours scanning sites and loosing a lot of sleep. I used to look at porn for no reason at all just because I had this addictive urge to look at it. After looking at it for hours, I would feel shame and guilt. I would feel angry the next day and I would then look at porn to make myself feel better and it became a horrible cycle.

Recently I went 53 days without looking at internet porn, that's almost 2 months. I haven't had a stretch like that EVER. The uncontrollable urge seems to have left me.

Maybe I'm full of bulldinkie but how I feel inside is a testament to the work you did with my John. I feel much more "Freedom" in my heart.

Talk to you soon,

T, 3-22-2009

Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the seminar. The seminar went beyond my expectations. The level of skill you and Susan showed us was amazing.

As you may be aware I personally experienced a definite shift of energy during the Tell a Story tapping session. I was totally surprised by my reaction as I did not think my level of grief would be so high. During and after the tapping session, I experienced both an energy level shift, resulting in a feeling of relief and lightness, and a cognitive level shift, resulting in a more accurate perspective of the depth of grief I had been avoiding and why. I have tested it, trying to see if the intensity would return but it remains at a 0.

I have been tapping everyday as recommended. I appreciate the offer of a free 30 minute followup phone session and would like to set that up at your convenience.

Again many thanks for you generosity and time.

Take care,

MA, 2008.

Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't had an allergy attack since our EFT session. Awesome! See you in May.


BR, 4-16-2009

Right after the workshop with John, I had a wonderful rehearsal with my pianist where I got to sing with great abandon and joy and competency. It was awesome. I immediately found that I could do it without so much worry and uptightness and it really seems to be a breakthrough! I am so grateful.


Jane, May 2009

Thank you very much John - I enjoyed the training immensely. I have noticed that I've been breathing better lately and I've been tapping on issues on (almost) a daily basis.

I'm very excited about using EFT for my clients also. It's a great feeling when your emotion free, and I really like working with energy meridians. The more I learn and practice EFT, the more enthused I am about this technique. Talk to you soon.

Yours sincerely,

RS, 2010


I wouldn't have believed I could feel this much clarity in so few sessions. Thank you for Being WHO YOU ARE.

Many blessings,

CC, 9-17-2009

Dear John,

Thank you so for guiding me through these challenging waters. I feel so empowered and so much comfort in working with you.

Thank you for your emails, John, and your encouragement.

Blessings and appreciation,

C, 9-21-2009

"I can't thank you enough for helping me get over my grief about my daughter's death. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!"

ML, 10-06-09.

"You helped me more in one 90 minute session than I received in 16 years of therapy. I can't believe it. Thank you so much."

BT, 9-26-2009.

Thank you, John. I appreciate the added information and advise about interacting with my inner child. I look forward to continued interaction with her as I keep checking in with her. I feel good about was accomplished today. Thank you. I believe it is necessary to confront the pain and be as open as possible to the sensitive issues if I am to resolve this stuff and get on with my life. You do make it comfortable for me to do so. Thank you.

PC, 10-29-2009

Hello John,

First of all I want you to know there has been a remarkable change regarding her psoriasis since her session with you. Her hands look completely clear and there is just a slight pinkish mark where the psoriasis was on her arm. It continues to fade away and that area is not itchy or annoying her in any way whatsoever. She doesn't have the itchy sensation anymore and no need to scratch. She stopped taking the shots she was giving herself daily soon after her session with you so that she would know if it was the shots or the EFT that was making the difference. John, the difference is really more than remarkable. You would never know by looking at her hands or arm that she had ever had psoriasis. The mark on her arm could have come from a scratch or burn that is healing. As a matter of fact, she has a burn on her arm that looks worse.

We also tapped on a completely unrelated issue next. Once again I noticed the shift in her. Part way through the tapping her face became more relaxed and slowly with continued tapping a smile began to make its presence. When we were done, she said that she felt totally relaxed. As though she had not put in a day at work. She felt energized. She felt like she could just go home and enjoy her family. As we talked she mentioned that she wasn't feeling the need to run her hands through her hair and rub the way she did before.

Tapping continues to work for me on various issues and I know this is a great tool in my tool box.

Thank you again for you and for your ability to teach this to others. Be blessed and at peace,

BG, 10-30-2009

"Once again, thank you kindly for all your help over the phone. You were wonderfully effective at a very important time for me."

Love & Blessings,

KL, 10/24/2009

The entire weekend of the Level 2 EFT training was wonderful, and how fortunate I was to have scheduled 2 private EFT sessions with you as well.

I feel as though years of emotional baggage that I've been hauling around forever is rapidly disappearing. What remains is many, many insights and realizations, and I am experiencing a new lightness of being and a deeper sense of who I am.

Thank you so very much John.

CT, 11-18-2009

Hi John,

Again I want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I thought the weekend was exceptional and our sessions amazing.

Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving.

BG, 11-22-2009

Thanks so much for your message. The level 2 workshop was truly a wonderful experience, I gained so much from it, and I felt very honored and privileged by the time you spent on me and what I received from it. I continue to experience more "unraveling" and am tapping every day on whatever appears to be the next string. I am also making an effort now to put together a small group for the sole purpose of tapping. I feel, as you expressed in the workshop, that this is such sacred work, and that it is a big key to my personal freedom; I know the work I do personally supports others too. and I hope that I will also be able to share and teach these ideas/techniques.

Again, it was really an honor to work with you, and I look forward to the next class and to seeing you again.

Many blessings to you --

ML, Summer 2009

"This class helped me beyond what I imagined... Thank you so much ---- this has really been an eye-opener and has given me an important new technique ---- I feel I have benefited greatly from your teaching!"

MB, 2-13-2010

"I thought the class was marvelous. Truly. And you are a wonderful teacher. Informed, Nurturing. Storyteller."

SG, 2/2010.

Thanks so much for the work we did at the house on one of my issues. Yesterday I was in a situation that normally would have left me feeling a panicky. I felt my apprehension begin to rise, but after observing my feelings once I was in it, I was totally clear. You have a very special gift... I appreciate your sharing it and making it available for us to incorporate into our lives.

DG, 2/2010

"Yes, it (EFT Level One Training) exceeded my expectations..."So thorough and so well explained. Great instructor."

RD, 2010

"This seminar met my needs more than I had hoped!"

This seminar was MONUMENTAL for me. After the level one seminar, and going into Level 2, J & I were flying...

MC, Santa Fe, March 2010.

"I got more out of this seminar (EFT Level 2) than I did out of three years of therapy..."

NP, March 2010.

Terrific weekend ----- educational, uplifting, deeply moving, inspirational, empowering, It was a privilege and a pleasure to learn from a Master. And, as I expected, it was a pleasure to meet you. Regards,

RG, 3-16, 2010

Hey John, You are such a blessing to me! I will certainly do as you suggest. I always feel stronger and encouraged as a result of the meetings with you.

Best regards,


Hi John,

It was very good meeting you and working with you too... You have no idea how much you helped me in our short time together..

JW, April 2010.

It (EFT Level 3 Presentation) was a most excellent weekend. You really are quite good at that, and I deeply appreciated your skillful presentation.

KT, 5-19-2010.

Dear John,

Again, thank you for your class (EFT Level 3). I learned so very much this weekend, and I accomplished so much. Now only one day after the seminar, I feel freer and clearer than I ever have and I have new tools also... wooo hooo!

AL, 2008.


Hi John, Thanks so much..I just walked here and normally.

I couldn't even reach here before being almost paralyzed... but today not even a far so good..tonight I dance African! yipppie! Wow right now the way i feel is the greatest gift in the whole world..I even think I was directed to know how those things work... have a great day and hike to ya later.

JL, 2011.

"I feel normal in my head. That's the greatest of all! I feel like I have my self back. ... My expectations were exceeded. I never could imagine feeling so normal so quickly..."

CG, 5-21-2010.

Hi John, I am still teaching folks your ways of doing EFT with good results, and have taught it to about 8 people really well now. I am still using the typed out procedure which I had you review about 8 months ago to teach folks how to do it, and I keep honing it for clarity as I go along.

I am very appreciative of all the extra stuff you put into your classes which Gary did not put in the books, which makes it work even better. I hope that all is well and happy with you and all your loved ones. May the blessings be.


DK, 2010

THANKS!!! I'd like to let our work settle a bit and then I can give you a call. I always find my sessions with you to be most helpful. Hugs,


"I've noticed lots of little changes since we began working together. I can read better, I'm more focused, I'm better able to understand what I read, my memory is better, and I'm getting more done..."

VF, 11/2010.

As for me, the work and process you and I have done in the past and the self-acceptance I'm experiencing now has brought far more peace into my life. From all the work you and I did together the greatest lesson I learned is self-acceptance. TR, 12-20-2010.

My headache and nausea have not come back. Sometimes it's hard to believe how just a few taps can have such an enormous, lasting shift in the body. So much good work for you to share in your unique talented manner. Go for it in the biggest way possible. What a gift it would be to each person and to the global community. As always,

DG, Santa Fe, 1/08/2011

I just thank you, John, for al you've shown me and all you've taught me...

SW, 2-04-2011.

"I am looking forward to the second class. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this training. I had a wonderful experience, and most of all, I now know that without a doubt there is hope for my emotional and physical issues, mo matter how serious they may seem. Thank you so very much for giving this gift to the public."

EL, February 2011, Abq.

"You're the most effective therapist I've ever had. I'm getting results far and above everything I've ever done previously..."

CC, 4-11-2011.

"I highly recommend this seminar. Not only is John Freedom an excellent teacher, but the material is absolutely life-changing. Whether you want to be an EFT practitioner or not, this level 1 will help you in your own personal life so much! You just can't beat it!"

ST, 4-10-2011.

Hello John,

I truly enjoyed the classes. I learned so much more about the practice of clearing energy patterns in general.

MT, 5-11-2011.

"this seminar (EFT Level Two) was exceptional! Thank you!" AD, 7-10-2011. "I got much more out of this training (EFT Level Two) than I had expected.

Thank you again, for everything..."

Shirley Schaan, 7-10-2011

Thanks for our work together. Indeed, I have come a long way in a relatively short time. I am so grateful that ______ kept suggesting I call you. I have made greater gains with you in the short while we've worked together than in the years I've spent working with other talk therapists. Amazing!!

DC, July 2011

Hi there, John,

As you know, I always get something, (usually a lot) from "being in your corner", so no thanks are needed. I'm looking forward to the Level 3 in the fall. I so appreciate you and all you know and all you do, and who you are and your generosity. Considering you often deal with mostly women for whom the perpetrator of their traumas was usually male, it says something about you that they can comfortably learn from you and heal through your gentleness. It's very apparent to them that you've done your work, are in a good place and are very experienced at what you do. I feel very honored to have you for a mentor; you've taught me so much over the years; to trust my intuition and to have confidence in what I've learned, who I am, and assisting in my healing... thank you...

SB, July 2011

Hi John, thanks for passing this on to me, it's so nice to know that she has complimented us BOTH! I certainly had the best teacher!!! (You!)

Doing that retreat (Healing PTSD Retreat for Veterans) has been amazing and a big stretch for me; you know that saying "Say yes and then figure out how."? I had to tap like crazy after I said "yes" to get through my self-doubts, but it has turned out so well, and has been the most rewarding thing I have done. To see these guys and their wives transform so much is nothing short of a miracle, and I feel honored to be a part of it. I feel like they are all my family. Thanks for your encouraging words, and thanks again for all you do and your big part in my process of getting to the place that I could do something like this. Blessings to you, and a hug --

JS, Santa Fe.

"I've have not had any sugar cravings since the EFT seminar, and I've lost 15 pounds in two months, without even focusing on dieting or trying to lose weight...

Thank you!"

TT, 9/06/2011.

"Your last seminar (EFT Level Two) was so powerful and so potent... I can't thank you enough for all your knowledge and skill. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!"

SK, Abq, 10-04-2011.

Yes I have found EFT to be very powerful----I even got to the place I forgave my dad of all his meaness --- even put wildflowers on his grave... I feel light for it---it was one of the most powerful EFT I have ever done, the flames of the campfire took all my tears away and after I slept that night I had so much energy...

Hope you have a good time next visit,

SL, 8/2011.

Thank you again, John. I didn't know how much the other trainings helped me personally until this one. There were major healings before and I am improved from having been in those groups. The group process is hard at times, but essential to each of us. I don't remember ever feeling like I was in as safe a place as I felt in your "care." As different as we are, we are all safe to be ourselves. I realize how rare and energizing this is now.

BR, 2011.

John and Susan,

I'm feeling so well and healed these days - I want to thank you both again for your EFT work and your loving-kindness. I guess somewhere deep inside I knew that life could be this good and I just kept on and on searching and reaching and wanting!

EFT has been the turning point. I'm here (here!) now and all excited (but calm and sure at the same time) and so looking forward to how it all unfolds.

I keep seeing opportunities to use it / give it. And I keep offering it to friends. It is as if I can't wait for everyone to be as clear as I feel.

Just wanted to say muchas gracias and hasta la vista!

May I call on you for mentoring when I step into it more?

And please think of scheduling level IV soon!

HB 11-08-2011

"I want you to know that the work we've done together has been far more helpful than any other therapy, or anything else I've done in my life..."

CB, 2012.

Thank you for the very good seminar (EFT Level One), it has already proven its weight in gold.

KP, 2-05-2012

Overall, as a result of the healing and the learning, and the love and support of our group, I am really having a big shift.

I am tapping everyday... it is fun... and I feel the shift in myself and feelings. Mostly I am focusing on this big piece, so far. It has colored every moment of my life and beyond...

Thank you for changing me and my Life. I feel enormously grateful and look forward to more classes and sessions, John.

LT, Taos NM.

I am so greatful that you let me be a part of that weekend-- that I'm inspired to create an appreciative note of THANKS!

HT, 2-06-2012

So, some news that maybe you already saw from my Facebook page, but first let me be sure to say that everyone is fine and no one was harmed, but, M... and I had a serious fire at his house on Sunday late afternoon. Again, everyone is fine, but as you can imagine, all of his PTSD triggers have gone off, and sure, some of mine too. BUT! The reason for this e-mail is to tell you how differently he is handling the extreme stress of this situation. He is amazingly calm and grounded. He has not gone straight to rage, paranoia and fear. For a moment yesterday, he was talking to me and expressing his anger about the Insurance Adjuster not returning our nor our insurance agents' calls. He said to me "I mean, that is just rude, I don't understand why he can not just call and say he's busy or tied up at another claim" (and this was when I started to cringe because normally what would come next from M... would be anger and blaming and him taking it completely personally, what he was going to say to the guy, rant, rant, rant, rage, rage rage) but... amazingly, he looked down into his hands and said very calmly to me "but perhaps he has had an accident, I hope not, I hope he is ok, now I am starting to worry about him".

Wow... I was holding my breath and he just was so calm and centered. I almost wanted to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening. This morning, when I spoke with him to find out exactly what time the Insurance Adjuster was going to be at the house so I could meet him. He started talking about anxiety, about how so much is contingent upon this man, what he sees as damage and what he will grant in repair costs. Will he take into consideration the historical integrity of the house. I was starting to hold my breath again because I was waiting for the anger again, for total paranoia, but again, he took a breath and said to me, "But I guess I just have to tap this out this morning, it will be ok, it will be alright". It is a miracle to me and I know that his change is due to our time at The Retreat and because of all that you taught him, me, us. We have a long road ahead of us, but the fact that even with our triggers gone off, we are handling it all so much more... calmly.

Thank You...

With love, gratitude and blessings,

MP 2-28-2012

Hi John,

This work is amazing. Until I read your email I had forgotten that I has been so stressed out about that issue I was so upset about (regarding stress about my family). In other words, the emotional charge was gone.

AM, 2/25-26/2012.

Hey, John:

Thank you for the encouraging words. My excitement for continuing on this journey to write this book is overflowing. I am bubbling with enthusiasm. The weekend really helped to clear many of the blocks I had about writing. Thank you for that. The session on Saturday afternoon was very powerful. I am so grateful you're in my life. The presence you bring to the sessions is truly amazing to me. You create an amazing space for people to do emotional work that is transformational.

Thank you for the great work you do, and being so present to the conversations. If and when I get stuck, I'll take you up on your offer to help.


GT, 3-22-2012

Hi John--

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! for such a fabulous weekend!!!!! I've been living in a nice joyously liberated divine child halo for awhile !

We all certainly did get to create and share sacred space and deeply real openings - both individually and as a group - and I feel unusually bonded to/with everyone!!!!

I feel so LUCKY that you are in my life now! You are an amazing light for all of us! Your background in both psychology and sacred studies is evident in the consciousness you maintain in teaching...

Thanks to you, the harmony was expanding and gracing us throughout the entire workshop... intensely perfuming the feeling of safety... allowing us to open so easily to the often painful beauty of truth... returning us each to that inner loving source...

Infinite Blessings, thanks and love,

Halima, 3-22-2012

After Level 2 FOLLOW UP CALL 3-26-2012 P Flasch:

"My meditations are much deeper now."

Story: hub had ear wax buildup in ear. Doctor tried dislodge, would not. P sugg'd tapping with husband. Tapped 2-3 rounds, wax dislodged and came out.

"I've had an amazing week, since the seminar (EFT Level Two); my book is writing itself."


"After the weekend, I felt so energized, felt like "everything's possible, and the sky's the limit..."

DD, 2012

Whew John - that was a great weekend, shifted the ground underneath my feet (and my fingers).

I dare say - I've been having these experiences of enlightenment and they feel lasting not just occasional or in the background.

I think, though I don't know - is that I have been working on myself for so many years with all my heart and going to any expense all around the world and EFT just brings it all together inside me. So I'm awake now and though I am happy and quite willing to have endarkenment experiences and in fact, was just up for a few hours in the night facing the big black hole and floating anxiety - it's just different now - when I get to tapping even though I have this big black hole and I have been running from it for lifetimes and even though I have original sin and abandonment issues always ready to pop up - my old sweet soul knows these issues do not define me and I'm really home here in this beloved body and on this planet --- these are not just affirmations I'm saying hoping to believe them someday - I believe them now. I get it. Truly. All parts of me. WOW

I was so excited to be reminded that once you get to "0", you can go up the scale into truth.

Lots of tears and laughter happening over here - somehow I came out of the weekend KNOWING that I am David Whyte or Coleman Barks or Rumi or Hafiz or Kabir - or John Freedom - they are my tribe and that's why it's so easy to learn all these poems by heart - because they are already in me... I All honor to you John Freedom and I join you in offering every tapping time for the benefit of all beings everywhere,

PL 5-23-2012

Yes, I plan on joining everyone for the Sunday conference call. Thank you for your email and for the weekend. I did do al ot of work, made some valuable shifts and some belief changes. It (EFT Level Two) was a very rewarding weekend both professionally and personally.

Again, thank you so very much.

KC, 5-25-2012


The dog allergies continue to be a thing of the past! This past week I road in a car for 20 minutes with two big hairy dogs; one in my lap the entire time, and I didn't even sneeze or rub an eye! Absolutely amazing! I even tapped on my incredulity.


Quick story: Today I drove myself to the airport with Patricia as a passenger, and when she went in to use the bathroom, I got "shooed off" by security. I was furious. I really wanted to kill the bitch! When I said good-bye to Patricia, I went in and immediately found a quiet place to tap about the rage I was experiencing (an 8). After three rounds, the issue felt neutralized. The bottom line, "Even though a part of me feels outraged when someone tells me what to do and tries to control me, a deeper wiser part of me knows that no one can tell me what to do on the inner. No one but me can control what I think or how I feel."

It felt good to use the technique in the moment when I was highly activated and to see how effective it is outside the training room. This stuff really works!

ST, 10-29-2012


Dedicated Level 2 to my job; where I was feeling stuck. Teaching class at end of day, spend 15 min in 3 diff classes, and then pick up students from each class, and on the spot I had to develop an IEP (Individualized Education Program) to help students get it. I was telling myself that this was "ridiculous,' beyond my skill level. Tapped on that, and I did finally get it to neutralize. Then at end of next day, after school developed an IEP with a child with special needs, and I got overwhelmed and lost, sick to my stomach; just impossible. Went home, did some tapping, on feeling incompetent, and first thought was that I can do that class, but I cannot do an IEP; then I laughed out loud, having tapped on one thing; and here I created another one right away (that I thought I couldn't do), and tapped through that right away.

I then spent a couple hours, did two IEP's today, and usually these things take me several days to do; but it's essentially done. So I'm just MARVELLING AT THIS, at how effective this is.

So I'm thrilled, I have something that really works, bc of this IEP last night, once I stared tapping on the confidence level raised magically.

I owe you my life; I know I feel appreciated.

Felt it was SUCH A GREAT WORKSHOP, then followed up with Mary after that, practiced some more; feel so blessed and feeling good. Have hundreds of pp of study guides to go through; and can be overwhelming. How I do it, is just tap, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, EVEN THOUGH IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S TOO MUCH ... WORKS GREAT.


I feel like I "owe you my life!"

Thank you!

SL, 11-02-2012

"your seminar was life-changing for me..."

DB, 2012.

I am doing EFT most everyday. Probably the greatest change I am experiencing is that I am consistently feeling good emotionally. That is something new and wonderful for me. I am so GRATEFUL for EFT and being able to learn it with you.


TD, 1-05-2013.

EFT helps me to release my anger, build my confidence and have better relationship with my families. I start to like and love my family. Recently, I have capabilities to think in a higher position and tend to take things in the right way. I am able to process negative energy and let it go. At the same time, I feel I am more powerful that I could take positive energy and pass it on. Therefore, I am happier.

I feel very proud of your achievement. Once your book is published, please let us know. We would like to read it.

WT, 1-13-2013

Hi John,

I worked with you in Tucson back around 2000 or so, and did your "Feeling is Healing" course, which was great, by the way.

Just want to say thanks for everything you did for me - it was a real turning point in my life.

Mary and I are still married (15+ year now), we have two sons (Ivan, 6, and Ethan, 4), and I'm still a software developer and loving it.

Thanks again,

LM, 3-12-2013

Hi, John,

Thank you for another powerful and meaningful tapping week end. I swear to God, I would not be making it through this week without it. I arrived in Santa Fe unwell physically and depleted overall. I felt like I was just limping through the exercises, but I hoped that would be enough. This week I got a new, very emotionally disabled student who is a handful to say the least. Yesterday, I had to tap for 40 minutes to even get out of bed. I still felt dreadful but I made my way to school. I sat in the parking lot and tapped some more. I haven't used the phrase, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself" because it doesn't ring true, but I couldn't think of anything else to say, so that's what I used for about 10 minutes. I still had almost no confidence that I could come through my day without loosing my temper and feeling bad about myself. But somehow, I did. I sat boundaries, and I was firm, but also calm and patient. I don't relish the prospect of dealing with such a challenging situation for the remainder of the term, but you can believe that I will be doing a lot of tapping. I am so grateful for this tool and for your teachership.


ST, 2012.

THANK YOU for the EFT session last night. It was very powerful. Today, it feels as if the body is rearranging or restructuring itself. It is hard to describe. It feels as if a strong under current of emotion and perception are shifting, lifting, and changing. It feels as if generations of grief and pain are healing. I can't prove any of this, but this is how it feels.

I am looking forward to continuing our work together, as well as my own daily practice. I believe it can help heal PROFOUND suffering for the whole family.


TD, April 12, 2013

"I wish we had a hundred John Freedoms teaching EFT!"

EFT founder Gary Craig, 2005