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Privacy Policy


John Freedom cares about protecting your privacy and has developed this Privacy Policy to explain what data our site collects, who may have access to that info, what we do with it and how long we keep it. We've tried to make this policy clear and concise; but if you have questions or comments, feel free to Contact Us.

Your Private Data

To join our mailing list only two fields are required. They are:

  • Your Name,
  • Your Email address,

John Freedom dislikes unsolicited email (a.k.a. "spam") as much as you do. For that reason, this site uses the strongest anti-spam tools we could find. We also have a strong anti-spam policy and promise not to send you any emails you haven't authorized us to send. John takes his responsibility to protect your privacy seriously and makes every effort to protect your data as if it was his own.

Collected Information

Our site uses no programs that gather private information from your computer without your knowledge and consent. Some personal details are requested by our contact form or shopping cart. We use that info only to help us answer your questions, deliver products or provide services to you. Your name and email address are requested to help us verify your identity. As a matter of policy we do not retain any of your data other than your name and email address.

Under no circumstances do we ever store your financial details (e.g. credit or debit card numbers, CVV codes, expiration dates or address info). Our service and payment providers were chosen to help us avoid the need to capture, process or store any of your personal data other than your name and email address.

Instead we picked respected, highly secure service providers to handle purchases, deliveries and ticket sales and process your payments when you buy event tickets from us.

The way our site works, no member of our staff or the service provider's staff ever sees Your credit or debit card details. Furthermore, all transactions with you that involve such data are always transmitted and processed in encrypted form using secure 256-bit SSL data encryption to protect your private details from being compromised while they are sent from your PC to our service provider's bank.

All info we DO collect (e.g. name, email address, phone numbers, event-ticket details, etc.) is only kept in our records long enough to deliver the requested products or services to you.

We promise your name, e-mail, address, phone numbers or personal financial info will never be sold, rented or given away to anyone else. For more about our security methods and protections, see "We're Serious about Security" below.

If you have further questions about our Privacy Policy or business practices, feel free to Contact Us.



John's goal is to provide a safe, secure web experience to his visitors. With that in mind our web team has used the best security measures and tools we could find to build a site that is secure and error free. The paragraphs below describe some (but not all) the measures we use to make your visits as safe as possible.

This site is as secure as we can make it. We've gone out of our way to avoid security breaches that sometimes occur as a result of data interception, server intrusions, software bugs, web glitches, human errors, dishonesty, phishing, pharming, and other weaknesses that can compromise a site's security. For instance, you'll notice none of your financial info is ever entered on our screens. Instead we rely on security tools developed by sophisticated sites like PayPal or Amazon to collect your info and protect it from nosey third parties.

We believe you'll find this site a pleasant and safe place to visit and buy from; and hope you'll come back to visit us often!