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Forgetting and Remembering

When we look out at our Universe, everywhere we look, we see patterns. Patterns of structure. Patterns of relationship. Patterns of Interaction. Inter-Connectedness. Symmetry. Beauty. Magnificence. Wholeness.

And when we look, really look deeply, beneath the surface, we begin to feel some experiences. Like Amazement. Wonder. Gratitude. Reverence. Awe.


Everything fits, everything connects, everything belongs, everything is dancing to unheard rhythms, played by unseen musicians, in a Celestial Symphony where all are playing their appointed roles.

All phenomena, and all existence, from the most subtle sub-atomic fields, waves and particles to the greatest galaxies and heavenly bodies, are pulsing, vibrating, resonating, dancing in this incredibly complex yet subtle Symphony.


And we, too, with the beating of our hearts and the breathing of our lungs and the sounding of our voices, are part of this great Symphony.

In the words of an old Lakhota phrase, "Aho Mitakwe Asin." "All my relations." We are part of the World we see all around us. We are the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the soil it grew on. We are part of the land we live on. We are all connected. We are related.


Yet, very often, we forget the Beauty and Magnificence and Wholeness all around us, as well as the Beauty and Magnificence and Wholeness Within. We get lost in the mundane and the minutiae, in issues and problems, in the numbing trance of the ordinary, in frustrating little details that prevent us from seeing the greater Tapestry. We lose our Connection. We forget that 'everything fits'. And we forget to remember.

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One of the things I feel privileged to do, is to help people remember. To remember to breathe. To remember to feel. To remember Reverence for all Life. To remember Magnificence. To remember to laugh and love and play and frolic in the daisies all around us. To remember Who and What we are. To re-Connect. To remember that we, too, belong.

Who We are is so much more, than who we think we are; and who we thought, we were.

I am someone who likes to nudge others to remember. If you're having difficulty remembering, or find yourself getting 'stuck' in old patterns of anxiety, pain, shame, or other forms of forgetfulness, and would like to remember Something Else, feel free to contact me.

Perhaps we can begin to remember together, again.