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My Services

I specialize in assisting people in freeing themselves from emotional stress, pain and trauma, and in experiencing higher levels of health, wellness and performance.

I offer private sessions tailored to the needs of each individual. The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to meet each other, assess your goals, needs and resources, and map out a strategy to achieve your personal goals. Listening and being heard and acknowledged are important steps in this process.

Sessions may be in my office (Tucson, Arizona) or by phone or Skype.

I work with people who wish to free themselves from chronic stress, trauma and 'emotional baggage,' relationship issues or personality conflicts, and who wish to experience higher levels of health, happiness and inner well-being. I offer a menu of mind-body interventions that have been shown to be effective in helping people change, achieve their goals, and experience more joy, intimacy and inner peace.

I endeavor to treat everyone I meet with acceptance, respect and compassion. I often remind myself that we are not our lives, our personas, whom we appear to be; or even who we think we are. While these may reflect aspects of our Selves, in Reality we are so much more.

My goal with everyone I work with is to join with them in finding greater Health, Happiness, Freedom and Wholeness, in whatever way feels 'right.' The 'right' way is unique for each individual.

I have been trained and certified in specialized modalities such as EFT, TFT, NLP, EMDR and Acupuncture Detox; and I am fluent in mindfulness, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, voice dialog, and 'parts work,' working with subpersonalities, as well. But I also know that techniques are but 'magic feathers': to be used so long as they are useful, and gently laid aside, when they no longer serve.

We can all fly and soar, in our own unique ways, whether we are holding the 'magic feather,' or not.

To contact me or schedule a free 20 minute consultation, CLICK HERE.